Thursday, December 29

Spasmodically recital.

Time flies, so is period.


It has been awhile since last birthday update. So, hello, humans.
I've been away busy with college thingy, self affair and bunch of planning. Plus, together time with colleagues.

As some knows I've fly back to campus since October, continued life as a colleger.
An occasions to say here,  posted for my brother, on his success in a recent PMR.
 " You gamy my challenge, and you deserve it dude! " Nothing much I wish but congrats.

Prior to that, it's a story, with respect to my friends. A buddy used to be a millionaire in advance, bimbo! Very surprised when the very last step back to the land below the wind, I met him at the airport a few minutes before check in flight. Without planning to meet. Meeting unexpectedly. Since he mentioned to me that have waiting as earlier as I thought, I'd appreciate it shinggu. See you in advance, probably next year. 

Thanks for the cute little chocolate.

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